For some, the Christmas holidays are a wonderful time of gathering with family and friends to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. For others, it can be a painful and grieving time as they are reminded that someone is no longer with them.

Such is the case with the Franklin home. Not only do they have to deal with the fact that their eldest son, Ricky, is no longer with them, but also the bitterness that exists between the father and his other son William, who is blamed for Ricky’s death. Amidst this yearly tension, the youngest daughter Becky has decided to defy her parent’s wishes and not attend college. The eldest daughter, Sharon, feels she’s had enough with Dad’s bitterness. Betty, their mother, is just trying to keep the family together, hoping that some year, their family can have the Christmas celebration they’ve never had. As William’s relationship with his Father and his newly saved wife continues to get worse, it is apparent that it is his relationship with Christ that needs fixing first.

This is a story about repentance and forgiveness.

Directed by Alan & Beth Shaeffer Cast: Janie Dobney, Jordan Gifford, Alan Shaeffer, Beth Shaffer, Hannah Mathews, & Jennelle Fideler.


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